What one should never forget

Bharath Kumar Balasubramanian
2 min readMar 28, 2022

Foundations, Potential, Gratitude, Experiences & Purpose — Never forget!

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5 Things to never forget:

  1. What he/she is blessed with: Foundations — A healthy body, a nurturing family and a happy childhood -not everyone is blessed enough to have these
  2. What he/she is capable of: Potential — The potential is limitless and no one’s opinion really matters. what you think of yourself only matters.
  3. What one has received from others: Gratitude — for what one has received, even the smallest of favours from strangers. these are to be reciprocated, to be passed on.
  4. What one has or is going through: Experiences — each experience does either of two things — it either gives you success or teaches you a lesson. Every day brings with it experiences to savour, to learn and to celebrate.
  5. What one has to do: Purpose — It is very easy to get lost in today’s world of distractions. The nest made plans go waste because of a lack of consistency or steadfastness of purpose. The clearer the goal, we wouldn’t be distract by anything else on the path. Yes, there may be detours sometimes, but we will get there.

Show the world what you are and make your presence felt and respected. Not wither away in the sands of time.

All the best!



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