To be an Engineer!

What the engineering degree meant for me!

Bharath Kumar Balasubramanian
2 min readAug 21, 2021

Engineering isn’t just a degree. It actually is a rite of passage that prepares you for life. It is an approach, a thought process, a foundation that actually prepares you.

You are ‘Engineered for Life Excellence’.

  1. First Taste of Independence: This is usually the first time we leave the safe confines of our homes and family! The little bird leaves the nest to face the world by itself!
  2. Enter Competition! You realise that despite being the topper at school, here you really have to work hard to be among the best – it is an environment that challenges you to be at your best!
  3. Life starts getting Practical: You start seeing practical applications of all that you learn – be it Applied Mechanics, Motors or Digital Signal Processing!
  4. The options are a plenty! You start looking at career options across fields, starting with your core. From Armed forces to cutting edge technology job — the world opens up! An interesting job with its fun looking lifestyle and awesome initial paychecks becomes an inviting prospect! You start following role models.
  5. Knowledge Tree building: We get better and better at distilling things to their essence. We work more on the lines of Elon Musk’s knowledge tree having realised that rote-learning and sophomoric knowledge don’t cut it
  6. We love pressure: We start handing pressure better – we can do last minute preparations, consume a crazy amount of information in a short while and still end up with good CGPAs!
  7. Been there, Done that! It is usually during Engineering that we get introduced – First drink, first smoke, first high, first serious relationship, first porn, first job, first venture, first failure. There isn’t anything that we haven’t tried!
  8. The Tribe of like-minded folks; We understand friendships better – you start knowing your ‘tribe’ and realise that it is perfectly ok if you do not get along with everyone. Aspiration levels, EQ, intellect and fun propensity play an important role in the selection process. Tribes for life.
  9. The Class Act: We become really good jugglers – classes, projects, relationships, science/literary/sports clubs, inter-college competitions. Hackathons and a whole slew of activities while ensuring our CGPAs!
  10. Engineered for Life: All through life, technology adoption is natural for us. We take to technology like fish take to water — and we are usually the handymen at home for any technology related repairs and settings!

Every problem is approached with more logic and less heart. We love pressure situations and persist where anyone lesser would have given up!

Failures don’t shake us and success doesn’t stop us. And we are fiercely competitive – no matter what!

I love being an Engineer!



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