One little advice that may change the way you see the world

Everyone around you is fighting a set of battles, everyday.

For a moment observe what is happening within you.

  • A thousand thoughts running helter-skelter.
  • A hundred decisions being taken or followed up on.
  • Tens of voices that are either questioning, cajoling, threatening or even admonishing!
  • Battling with multiple viewpoints, some of which may be contrary to your own.
  • Wanting to do many things, but time and situation wouldn’t simply co-operate to make it happen!
  • Putting some of your priorities on the back burner because you have to
  • A feeling of yearning for doing what you always want to, but biding your time for it

There is just one you, who is taking it all in.

Sometimes, the internal battles become so violent that they spill-out of your internal battlefields and into your life.

Like steam getting released out of the first available outlet, the pressure from these battles, if not handled, awkwardly impact your interactions with the world.

  • Remember the time when you snapped at your wife for no reason?
  • Remember the instance when you gave your team member quite an earful for a trivial thing?
  • Remember when you told off your help or driver for seemingly no fault of their own?
  • That wasn’t you. Those were your temporary selves where you vented off the excess from your internal battles.

Sometimes, you may have been on the receiving end as well:

  • The irate driver who crossed you on the road
  • The usually soft boss who was rude today
  • You wife who is the most soft spoken one on earth lashed out today
  • Your friend who lost his cool for no fault of his….
  • You gentle kid who got ticked off at a very minor incident at home

Sounds familiar?

Everyone around you is fighting a set of battles, everyday.

Be kind, be patient. Most importantly, don’t hold this temporary state against them. Be understanding.

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Bharath Kumar Balasubramanian

Bharath Kumar Balasubramanian


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