A Merry-Go-Round called Life

A Merry-Go-Round or a Carousel: My Photography

Once we are on, we have no control

We purchase our tickets and we await eagerly for the operator to allow us. We have been watching the carousel go round while waiting, and think of a thousand things — where will I sit, how will I enjoy, what will I watch out for and how I am going to make the most of my ride!

You now have a life to lead, and knowing pretty well that the end isn’t in your hands, you get ready to make the most of it.

We can’t always get what we want

I have always wanted to sit on a stallion on the carousel. The horses and other pole based seating arrangements have this ability of going up and down as well, in addition to being on the platform that goes round and round.

You might be living, but are you loving what you are doing? When not getting despite your best efforts, have you learnt to love what you have?

The Ups and Downs, the Round and Rounds

There is constant movement. The imagery keeps changing. You see people outside, walking by. When you come around again, they may not be there. The sky darkens, the weather changes, the crowd moves, the music changes, some of the movements change, the sensations that you feel change. The butterflies in your stomach keep fluttering.

Every single day, you are a different person. Every day feeds you experiences and opportunities. Every day gives you a taste of a different flavour of life. You simply aren’t the same as yesterday!

That’s me — Haven’t lost the child in me!

Everyone goes through life differently

Some kids start crying, some kids wail, some kids lookout for their mothers, some kids investigate the horse’s working, some kids admire the paintwork on the seats, some kids ride with all glee and become famous heroic characters, some kids just sit fascinated, some kids try multiple seats until they find one that they like, some kids experience standing on the platform and test out their bravery, some kids just enjoy the ride sitting in one place.

Whatever we do, however we react, Life Happens.

We miss people and places

“Life is a Merry-Go-Round

We dance to its tunes and add our own jazz,

We flow with its movement,

and add to the razzmatazz.

We enjoy the shakes, the jumps and the hops,

We live it up, until the music stops.”

And when the music stops…

The number of rotations are limited. Every carousel has a fixed time setting. We may be riding the carousel with glee or cowering with fear or would have just stepped out of fear and started enjoying — in all cases, it will stop. Many of us will be eager to get off, while many would want to stay on longer. Doesn’t matter. Life rules.

When the music stops, our time is up. We get off the journey of life, the greatest ride ever.



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Bharath Kumar Balasubramanian

Bharath Kumar Balasubramanian


I transform organisations. I collect life experiences. I share practical wisdom. Happy to Help — Just reach out!